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Carbon fiber industrial sewage treatment filter element
Release Date2023/9/17 14:23:49
Carbon fiber filter core features:
Activated carbon fiber filter element is natural or man-made fiber as raw material production, low ash, its main element is carbon, after activation of the pores, more than 90% of the pores, which provides a large amount of internal surface area for activated carbon fiber.

Activated carbon fiber has a developed microporous structure, so the adsorption capacity is large. In the product processing process, there is no chemical treatment process, so ensure that the product is free of any pollution and can be used for liquid and gas filtration. Carbon fiber filter element is widely used in specific applications for decolorization, deodorization, turbidity reduction and environmental protection. In the chemical industry, medicine, energy, food, water treatment, environmental protection and other industries of a variety of media filtration and water treatment process, are essential operating units.

Activated carbon fiber filter element is based on the characteristics of large adsorption capacity of carbon fiber, combined with the actual needs of industrial production, the center rod is coated with microfiber filter material, which can effectively prevent the toner from falling off, and the use of high-filling carbon fiber layer filter process, which increases the contact time between carbon fiber and the material, and can more effectively improve the adsorption efficiency.

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